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AIR6 SYSTEMS is a manufacturer of high-performance drones based in Klagenfurt (Austria). We provide a professional work-tool for many industries, including surveying, power distribution, wind energy, oil & gas and agriculture & forestry. We facilitate day-to-day industrial operations, impossible to do from the ground. We streamline time-consuming and data-intensive tasks with our drones, in particular cm-accuracy in PHOTOGRAMMETRY and 3D-LIDAR applications.

Our drones are characterized by:

REDUNDANCY: Enhanced fail-safety through at least two electronic circuits for missions in built-up areas and / or to comply with the required Operating Safety Case (OSC).

PERFORMANCE: Unique combination of payload capacity, flight time, power reserve and stability.

OPEN PLATFORM: Ability to mount any sensor or payload. Our customers can choose the best available equipment on the market at any time.

CUSTOMIZATIONS: Our systems can be tailored for specific needs or missions. We offer direct access to our development team. We serve as extended work-bench for industrial partners who share our vision and passion.

Enhanced FLIGHT TIME and PAYLOAD CAPACITY enables customers to use heavy sensors, like laser scanners (or LiDAR), and/or multiple sensors at one flight thereby maintaining meaningful flight times. Position ACCURACY enables achieving survey-grade results.

LIDAR application sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PksHH5wEd2Y

Webpage: www.air6systems.com