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02. FT2.2 - Session 2: Geo for Pandemics - Forum Track 2

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Session 2 : Geo for Pandemics
Live 2
Forum Track
Welcome ( C. HEIPKE )
Introduction to the forum ( F. FARUQUE )
Geoanalytics, public health, and pandemics:  Do what you can with what you have ( L. WALLER )
Indian Geo-initiatives for COVID and Post COVID management ( D. DUTTA )
An Overview of NASA Health and Air Quality Applications and Activities during the Pandemic ( J. HAYNES )
Do 'Pre-Existing' Conditions Make Pandemics and Infectious Disease Outbreaks Worse? Using Geospatial Data to Identify Hotspots and Reservoirs ( J. ACKER )
Using Earth Observations to Enhance One Health Collaborations during the COVID-19 Pandemic ( H. CHAPMAN )
When EO Satellite Meets Health ( M. PAULIN )
In Search of the Lost Time  - How the Earth Observation (EO) & Geo Communities can help Bridging the Gap between Research and Services in Public Health Operational Programs? ( M. MONTEIRO )
Q/A and Discussions